English Pronunciation Course for Speakers of Indian Languages

Would you like to speak English more clearly and with greater confidence? Do you sometimes feel frustrated with your spoken English?

Improve your spoken communication with our English Pronunciation course for speakers of Indian Languages.

  • Learn clear professional English
  • Increase your career opportunities and impress job interviewers
  • Correct your pronunciation & rhythm of 1000 English words & sentences
  • Take your training online, anytime, anywhere
  • Our training is easy to follow & flexible

You will correct the areas of English Pronunciation that speakers of Indian languages find challenging. You will learn to speak clear English, with more confidence.

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I will be recommending this to my Indian friends. From watching the other Indian speakers I could better understand my problems.  Your training is clear and easy to learn from. This course will be helpful to all people wanting to speak English more clearly. - Arul, Engineer from India, first language Gujarati

Improve your spoken English today with our English Pronunciation Course for Speakers of Indian Languages

More on our English pronunciation course for Speakers of Indian Languages:

With this 15 week English pronunciation course you will:

  • Correct the areas of English pronunciation that are difficult for speakers of Indian languages.
  • Take 1 on-demand video lesson each week (or make up your own schedule – you can also repeat lessons). Written notes included.
  • Practice between lessons with the MP3 audio downloads. Keep these for future practice & revision.
  • Take any of the 23 bonus lessons for extra learning and improvement.
  • Have over 20 hours of training at your finger tips!
  • Ask your teacher questions at any time for support and feedback.
  • Monitor and test your progress with speech checks, recordings and quizzes.
  • Add the course to your resume & receive a certificate of completion.

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We recommend a ADSL2 or broadband  / cable internet connection to stream your video lessons.

Star Foundation


15 Weeks of Access to Pronunciation course for Speakers of Indian Languages

Star Expert


15 Weeks of Access to Pronunciation course for Speakers of Indian Languages
+ phone / skype support

Star Master


15 Weeks of Access to Pronunciation course for Speakers of Indian Languages
+ phone / skype support
+ Pronunciation Assessment

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Before I didn’t know why sometimes people couldn’t understand my English. I was frustrated. After these lessons I know all this and I have changed it. People understand me easier.- Nitin, Software Developer, first language Hindi
People don’t ask me to repeat since taking this course. When I make a mistake I know what I did wrong so I correct it. This course is really very good for everything about Indian accent and English pronunciation.- Naomi, Teacher from India, first language Indian English