Star Pronunciation Training Options


  • Comprehensive pronunciation training videos* & audio
  • 20 + bonus lessons & star check
  • Email reminders
  • 15 Weeks access
  • 17 Weeks access + extension
  • Email support
  • Phone / skype support**
  • Starter assessment
  • Post-Course assessment
  • Progress reporting for managers
  • 1:1 Skype / phone tutoring (45 mins)

Star Foundation

Star Expert

Star Master

Star Business

* Video content tailored based on your first language ** Phone / skype (voice) support sessions need to be arranged in advance ^ You can post your question in video or audio for feedback

Star Foundation

You can choose the option that’s right for you. Our foundation courses will give you everything you need to speak clear, easy to understand English. There’s access for 4 months, 20 hours of video and audio training including loads of great bonus lessons, quizzes, audio for practicing and Star Check – our online listen and record tool for self assessment.

Star Expert

If you want to speak to someone and get advice during your training; for an extra $50 choose Star Expert. You get exclusive access to our expert speech pathologists through our fortnightly sessions on Google hangouts and phone / skype support. Pre-booked phone sessions usually last around 15 minutes and we’ll help you with a particular area you find challenging. At the moment there’s no limit, we just ask you to be fair with the system.

Star Assessments

To help you understand the area of your pronunciation that really need work we offer a comprehensive assessment. One of our Speech Pathologists will analyse your speech, provide you with a detailed written report and give you recorded audio feedback. Everyone loves our assessments. For business customers we provide a second assessment at week 17 to check on progress.

Skype / Phone tutoring

Perhaps you have an important presentation coming up or want extra help with specific language you use at work. You can purchase a 45 min phone / skype session with one of our expert Speech Pathologists. These sessions are only available to students enrolled in our courses.

Star Business

Everything to improve pronunciation plus progress tracking and reporting. A Post-Course Assessment is completed and if there is still areas that need improving we’ll extend course access for the student to revise and improve further. Tell me more.


Pronunciation all comes down to quality teaching and practice. That’s why video training is so successful. We teach you to identify the correct and incorrect pronunciation and how to make it right. Then using audio files you will practice it over and over again. Within a few weeks of starting you’ll be hearing the different pronunciation native speakers use and making improvements to your speech. With our step-by-step training, you will become much clearer and more confident. That’s enough from us, see what our other have to say.


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