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There are some English sounds that most non-native speakers find difficult. We developed this lesson to help you learn to pronunce English sounds. The sounds we’ve chosen are the vowel sounds in the words ‘coat’, ‘cot’ and ‘caught.’ Many ESL (English second language) speakers mispronounce the vowels in these words. They are all very common, so for clear English it’s important you get them right.

With this free 20 minute video lesson you will:Mouth position is important for pronouncing English Sounds

  • Watch and learn; follow your teacher and practice pronouncing the English sounds
  • See real life examples of what you should and shouldn’t do
  • Get a free audio download for practice

At the end of the video you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to correct these important English sounds.

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More on our pronunciation courses and how to pronounce English sounds for clear English. 

We can’t cover every sound in English in 20 minutes, but this lesson is a great first step.  We believe in clear communication for everyone, everywhere. Our founder Georgie Taylor started Star Pronunciation to give ESL (English Second Language) speakers a step-by-step path to clear English. Georgie has helped over 2,000 people learn how to speak clear English. Our courses are easy to follow, entertaining, flexible and very effective.

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What you should know about a Star English Pronunciation course:

  • Individually tailored courses for your language background
  • Step-by-step effective training that gets excellent results
  • On-demand video – take your lessons anytime and repeat lessons if you want
  • Audio listen-&-repeat exercises for your phone for practice between lessons
  • Real examples of what you should and what you shouldn’t do

For more practice visit our page on All the Sounds in English. Here you can hear a native speaker pronounce English sounds & record and compare your own speech.

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