Our Clients

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Star Pronunciation for Students

University and secondary school students take our training to:

  • prepare for job interviews
  • prepare for work in an English speaking country
  • improve performance when giving presentations
  • develop spoken communication skills.

Star Pronunciation for Professionals

Professionals take our courses to:

  • improve job interview performance
  • improve performance and efficiency at work
  • develop career opportunities
  • enhance communication with colleagues and clients

We have provided training to people from almost every profession, including:

  • IT professionals
  • accountants
  • doctors & nurses
  • air traffic controllers
  • pilots
  • interpreters
  • journalists
  • engineers
  • taxi drivers
  • and many more.

Star Pronunciation for Training your Staff

Companies provide this training as professional development for their employees. They use it as a valuable resource for improving their employees spoken communication skills.  Find out more about utilising Star Pronunciation as professional development for staff.

Our English Pronunciation Training has been provided to employees of small and large, local and international organisations including:

  • Bupa
  • Kodak
  • Toshiba
  • Telstra
  • St Vincents Hospital
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • NAB
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • St Hilliers
  • Yarra Trams
  • State Trustees
  • Victoria Police
  • Department Of Treasury and Finance
  • and many more.