Speak clear English with step-by-step training.

With our tailored training you will learn clear professional English and correct over 1000 English words and sentences.Over 20 hours of specialised training at your finger tips!

We make it easy to achieve clear English pronunciation.
  • simply follow the video lesson schedule or make your own schedule. You can repeat lessons any time.
  • practice with the MP3 audio files on your phone. Keep hours and hours of audio recordings for future practice after your course has finished.
  • in addition to your weekly lessons you will access a library of extra video and audio lessons
  • add this course to your resume to impress job interviewers
  • improve your listening skills and vocabulary and expression
  • contact us any time for feedback and support

Each Star Pronunciation course includes:


  • watch and copy your teacher as you learn new mouth positions, sounds & rhythms
  • see real examples of real people
  • take the recommended 1 hour lesson per week and access hours of extra lessons if you want more!
  • fun, interesting content; jokes, quizzes, interviews.
  • check your progress with pronunciation checks and quizzes


  • MP3 audio downloads for your phone, ipod or MP3
  • practice for 15 minutes a day, anytime, anywhere
  • listen-and-repeat exercises and audio training
  • practice sentences and real conversation
  • Keep these hours and hours of recordings for revision after your course has finished.

Written Notes

  • notes for each lesson
  • target words and sentences for practice
  • track the words you want to improve
  • receive a certificate of completion – add this course to resume!

Lots of Extras

  • access to over 20 bonus audio and video lessons for extra learning
  • lots of tips and practice for at work, job interviews, IELTS
  • develop your small talk and conversation
  • links to useful resources and lots lots more.
  • contact your teacher anytime to ask questions or for feedback or advice. 

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More on how this course will help you speak clearly

At the end of this course you will have everything you need to speak clearly. That means no more repeating yourself, it means being confident and putting forward your opinion. Our English Pronunciation courses have helped over 2,000 people speak clearly. We will help you slow down, listen to and hear yourself and hear others. Your ear will become familiar with the way other people speak and that means better communicating at work and at home.

The combination of video and audio practice help you to slow down and hear yourself – that’s why over 90% of people who complete the course have a “Significant improvement.” Our courses will teach you how to speak clearly <link to how to page>.

Learning how to speak clearly isn’t easy, but it makes a huge difference.

We suggest getting started right away, but if you want to get to know us better take a look at our free lesson, that teaches you to speak clearly when saying “Cot, Caught and Coat,” this is a word and sound many non English speakers find challenging.