Business English Pronunciation Training Can Help Your Team

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Do you have staff from non-English backgrounds that would benefit from speaking more clearly?

Star Pronunciation training assists people from non-English speaking backgrounds in achieving clear and correct Business English Pronunciation. That means more productive and happier people at work.

Our Business English Pronunciation training, developed by Speech Pathologists, focuses on professional workplace or Business English pronunciation.

Employers choose our online courses because our training is:

  • Language Specific – Each course is tailored to speakers of different languages. For example, the course for Mandarin speakers focuses on different sounds to the Russian or course for people from India.

  • Affordable – Access course materials for 15 weeks long and include over 20 hours of training.

  • High Quality – Our training is video-on-demand so students see their teacher as they learn. They will see other non-native speakers learning so they can see exactly what to do and what not to do. Written notes and practice audio files are included.

  • Flexible – Our video training is available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide audio MP3 recordings to put onto a phone, ipod or MP3 player to use for practice. Students can repeat lessons and self manage their learning.

  • Track progress – We can provide employee progress reports mid way and on completion of a course. These reports will show how many of the video lessons your employee has watched and the results they have achieved in the lesson quizzes.

  • Customised – A personalised pronunciation assessment can be completed for each employee by one of our Speech Pathologists. Your employee will receive an audio recording and full speech report describing the areas of their pronunciation that would benefit from improvement. More.

  • Discreet – Difficulties with pronunciation can be a sensitive area for many non-native English speakers.  Your employee/s can complete this training in the privacy of their own home or own office.

What’s included in our business English pronunciation training?

1 Pronunciation assessment + 1 progress assessment + course access for 17 weeks.

For Business English Pronunciation Training your staff will need: English Pronunciation Training for your business

  • access to a good ADSL / broadband internet connection
  • a computer with speakers
  • to complete 1 hour of video lessons online each week (for 15 weeks)
  • to complete a minimum of 15 minutes of practice per day with the audio recordings provided

Find out more:

Get started, choose a course for your staff member, otherwise complete this form or call us

We can customise training to suit larger teams and develop specific materials for your organisation.  We would be delighted to meet online or face to face  for a discussion and demonstration of the course outcomes and answer any questions just email [email protected]

You can also download our brochure Star Pronunciation Overview

A Note for Employers

Star Pronunciation training aims to improve the areas of pronunciation that affect speech clarity.  The result is a more neutral accent that is clearer and easier for people to understand. The aim of this training is not to get rid of a person’s accent. Many non-native speakers are proud of their foreign accents and see it as an important part of their identity.

It is our recommendation that pronunciation training should only be offered by an employer when a person’s speech is difficult for others to understand. Employers should distinguish between accent and speech clarity. Please note that it is almost impossible for adults from non-English speaking backgrounds to completely lose a foreign accent.

Remember improving Business English Pronunciation for your staff can be life changing. We look forward to assisting your staff and your organisation.