Through our training you will enjoy:

Being easily understood

Not being easily understood can make you frustrated and embarrassed.  Being understood easily means more positive, more successful conversations and relationships.  After completing her Star Pronunciation course one of our students said ‘People listen. Life is changing’

More confidence

Being unsure of pronunciation can mean you lack confidence. Maybe you avoid speaking face-to-face or on the phone; preferring to use email to avoid speaking!  Maybe you don’t speak up in meetings.   Speaking more clearly and correctly means that you can express yourself with more confidence.

Improved performance at work

If your co-workers and clients have difficulty understanding you it will cause problems at work. You may miss out on moving up in your career.  Clearer speech means more successful, more efficient discussions, phone calls, conference calls, meetings and presentations.

Job interview success

Employers say Job seekers often have the required qualifications but their spoken English holds them back.  Impress your interviewers with clear speech and tell them you are taking a course on English Pronunciation.  Receive our Certificate of Completion and add Star Pronunciation to the professional development section of your resume.  Our course includes tips, resources and practice questions for job interviews.

Improved relationships

If your co-workers, clients, patients or teachers need to guess what you’re saying or cannot understand you easily if can cause frustration.  Clear and confident speech can be the difference between having good relationships and having great relationships.  Our course includes tips and practice for small talk and being polite in English.

Improved IELTS score

Speaking clearly is essential for a high IELTS score.  Pronunciation is one of the areas assessed in your IELTS exam. With a Star Pronunciation course you will correct the stress (the music) of your English and your pronunciation of English sounds, which will improve your IELTS speaking score. Our course includes tips for IELTS exams.