Clearer English Pronunciation for Portugese Speakers

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We have a new award winning course for Portugese speakers. You’ll love it & achieve outstanding results.

More on what you will improve with this course

Clear English pronunciation for Portuguese Speakers.  Because your first language is Portuguese it means that it is likely you speak English with a ‘Portuguese accent’.  This Portuguese accent occurs because a number of the sounds and rhythms of English are different to Portuguese and these are challenging for you make.  With this course you will correct all of these areas, making your English clearer and easy for people to understand – the first time!

With our step-by-step video lessons for Portuguese speakers you will correct:

    • rate of speech           
    • volume of speech
    • mouth position         
    • Vowel sounds            – Portuguese speakers make many of the vowels on English too short.
    • Consonant Sounds    – Portuguese speakers have difficulty with some consonant sounds in English.
    • The past tense           – Portuguese speakers have difficulty pronouncing past tense ‘ed’ endings correctly (eg. ‘looked’, ‘watched’ ). Do you pronounce these with confidence?
    • Rhythm of words       – Do you stress the wrong parts of words? Portuguese has a very different ‘rhythm’ to English.
    • Stress in a sentence  –  We emphasise some words in our sentences. Are you highlighting key words correctly?
    • and MUCH more          – in addition to the full lessons on the areas listed above you will access over 20 bonus lessons for extra practice and improvement. These bonus lessons give you extra training on important areas of English pronunciation such as ‘Linking in English’, ‘confusing spelling & pronunciation’, ‘Short vowels’ and lots more. You will have over 20 hours of video and audio training at your finger tips.

The areas listed above affect how clear your English will be. Problems with speech clarity can mean that you lack confidence with spoken English and worry about how you sound and being understood.

Improving your pronunciation is easy with our video lessons. You see your teacher as you learn and you can repeat lessons if you want.  You will see clips of real non-native speakers speaking English – so you will see exactly what you need to change. You will improve and practice your new sounds when you are on the move with the Listen-and-Repeat MP3 audio downloads.

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It is amazing when I now don’t need to repeat myself anymore! It was the most important improvement and really makes a difference. - Lohraine, native Portugese speaker, living in Cronulla, Australia

Since studying with this course, a lot of friends have told me that they can see improvement in my pronunciation every day! The course increased my confidence a lot when I talk to native speakers, because I know that my pronunciation is improving and I am able to speak clear, fluently and easy for them to understand. I have been making a lot more friends (natives and non-natives), which also gives me more opportunities to work on my pronunciation. - Yubo, University Student

Start improving today with our English Pronunciation Course for Portuguese Speakers

More on our English pronunciation course for Portuguese Speakers:

With this 15 week English pronunciation course you will:

  • Correct the areas of English pronunciation that are difficult for Portuguese speakers.
  • Take 1 on-demand video lesson each week (or make up your own schedule – you can also repeat lessons). Written notes included.
  • Practice between lessons with the MP3 audio downloads. Keep these for future practice & revision.
  • Take any of the 23 bonus lessons for extra learning and improvement.
  • Have over 20 hours of training at your finger tips.
  • Ask your teacher questions at any time for support and feedback.
  • Monitor your progress with checks and quizzes.
  • Add the course to your resume & receive a certificate of completion.

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