See some feedback from our students below:

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Evelyn, Spanish speaker, Finance Masters student 

The material that we can keep with us it is a great thing, as anyone can continue practicing and improving their pronunciation, I am very happy, I have invested on this course, as I think a better and effective communication is the key that can open many doors in our life.
Thanks a lot Georgie x
- Paula Uscanga, small business owner from Spain, first language Spanish
Hi Geogie, I appreciate all the on line learning which is really helpful in developing my professional carrer in oral communication…..thanks a million,  I will always keep in mind that awareness and practice will make improvement.Francis, Spanish speaker, living in Madrid.


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Jitpaya, Thai speaker, Market Analyst


It’s valuable to learn how to pronounce English clearly and accurate. It’s such a wonderful course and I enjoyed learning very much.Siripen, native Thai speaker
It’s a fantastic program, please keep it up!David, Mandarin/ Taiwanese-Chinese, Australia
This course made me realize how important getting correct pronunciation is and taught me how we should start learning. I believe that this course will be starting point for perfect pronunciation in the future.
Makiko, Administration Officer, Japan
Some of my achievements are speaking louder and slower, emphasizing on the correct syllables and words and knowing where to look up when I have a difficulty in speaking and listening.
Dang, native Vietnamese speaker, University Student in Australia

Video Review: Wen, Mandarin Speaker, Student

 The course explains the basic nature of English pronunciation in an insightful way. Many concepts such as word stress, long vowels etc. come to me for the first time. The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability to recognise my mistakes and self-correct.
- Phuong, Vietnamese speaker, Importing and logistics
The exercises on the MP3 files are very helpful. I use them everyday. My boss says I am much easier to understand : ) and I have more speaking confidence.- James, Accountant from Hong Kong, first language Cantonese, living in Australia
 Now I clearly know what are my strong and weak areas of speech. I am learning so much through the lessons, exercises, notes and audio. Its such a big help. Thanks Georgie and Sarah 🙂 - Swati, Hindi Speaker from India
BTW I like your course very much, it’s very helpful and worth every dollar I spend, thank you so much!!!- April, Mandarin Speaker from China
This course is an excellent way to learn English pronunciation. After these lessons I can understand native speakers more easily.Now I just need to listen to the audio lessons and practice.Thanks Georgie and her team. - Saeid, Farsi Speaker
I will be recommending this to my Indian friends. From watching the other Indian speakers I could better understand my problems.  Your training is clear and easy to learn from. This course will be helpful to all people wanting to speak English more clearly. - Arul, Engineer from India, first language Gujarati, living in Australia
I am happy I found this course to help me reduce my accent. I practiced a lot as recommended and I am very pleased with my results. The course is excellent. You will learn A LOT!- Hiran, Engineer from Sri Lanka
 I found my vocabulary has improved. There are lots of useful phrases in Star Audio.- Alice, Chinese Speaker
Looking at the Chinese students helped me to understand the mistakes I make. I didn’t know these things before.  That is excellent.  And each lesson is exactly for Chinese.- Peter, Commerce Student from China, Living in Australia
Georgie is offering a unique and very professional service of teaching pronunciation and reducing accent. It finally explained to me, in precise terms, what makes me sound ‘russian’. Georgie assessed my speech and gave me targeted exercises for practicing correct sounds and stresses to speak more like a native. My Aussie friends understand me much better now, especially over the phone, and finally, I don’t sound too foreign in Melbourne. - Andrey, Russian Speaker living in Melbourne
Thanks for this course. I learnt a lot and improved very much. I’m not so nervous to speak in meetings and on the phone.- Jason, Developer from China
People don’t ask ‘What was that?’ anymore. They understand me the first time.- Katie, Accountant from China, Living in New Zealand
Having been in Australia long enough (25+ years) to interact well with everyone, I had lost the art to communicate articulately because I’ve been learning another language (Japanese) in my mother tongue (French) for over 7 years. Star pronunciation has given me the tools to regain what I’ve lost. Those tools and the help of Georgina have helped me to relearn the Aussie embouchure and rhythms. Thank you Georgina! - Hung, first language French, living in Australia
I love your course. My customers can understand me better now and I don’t speak so fast. Thanks. - Kim, Hair dresser from Hong Kong, first language Cantonese
I was worried about making the correct stress. I find that learning this was easy in your course. Seeing other Cantonese speaking students helped me hear my problems. My English is much improved so thank you.- Sam, Business Manager from Guangzhou China, first language Cantonese, living in Australia
This course is excellent for anyone who wants to speak clear English. It has lots and lots and lots of practice which I use everyday to improve. Thank you. I learn a lot. - Maria, Nursing Student from Malaysia, living in New Zealand
You explain things very easily and clearly. I can feel changes quickly in my speaking. I can feel it is more correct.- Denise, Web Developer from Malaysia
Before I didn’t know why sometimes people couldn’t understand my English. I was frustrated. After these lessons I know all this and I have changed it. People understand me easier.- Nitin, Software Developer, first language Hindi, living in Australia
People don’t ask me to repeat since taking this course. When I make a mistake I know what I did wrong so I correct it. This course is really very good for everything about Indian accent and English pronunciation.- Naomi, Teacher from India, first language Indian English, Living in New Zealand
Many of my patients are elderly people so communication can be difficult. I take the Star Pronunciation course for Indonesian speakers. My patients understand me much better now. I recommend this course to all Indonesians.- Susie, Nurse from Indonesia
I had a strong accent. Always people used to ask me to repeat. They often said ‘Sorry?’ or ‘slow down please’.  Since doing this course people understand me well. I can practice everyday with the video lessons and audio files to improve.- Martin, PHD Student from Indonesia, Living in Australia
Speaking on the phone was a problem for me. Over the past 3 months I take Star Pronunciation Course for Russian Speakers. Now I understand why people didn’t understand me and I have improved a lot. I will recommend this course to all my Russian friends here. - Olena, PA from Russia
I spend the last 3 months doing this course. The course is very thorough and covers all about pronunciation for Sinhala speakers. I highly recommend this course. - Sheshan, Dentist from Sri Lanka living in Australia
I have improved my listening and my speaking as will very much after this course. - Khalid, native Arabic speaker
I was speaking English all this time, but this course highlighted areas which helped me to identify and correct my mistakes in pronunciation, word stress, rate of speech and correct sounds. As a new migrant this really helped me out to perform well in my new job and it has developed my confidence so I can reach out to community with eased mind. Thanks a lot guys, and Georgie you are an amazing teacher…Thank you! - Pui, native Cantonese speaker - living in Sydney, Australia
You will find that your English can improve once you finish the videos. - Kit, native Cantonese speaker
This course helped me to speak English clearly. - Howard, native Cantonese speaker, University student in Australia
The Star Pronunciation Course has improved my spoken English a lot. I have made my first step, and will continue. Practice makes perfect. - Jiang, native Mandarin speaker, University Student in Australia
It’s very helpful course to improve your English speaking. - Donna, native Mandarin speaker
I found this course very helpful and entertaining. It has a new way to develop English pronunciation skill. - Behzad, native Farsi speaker
I improved a lot knowing that there are other ways to improve my grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. - Myla, native Filipino speaker
This is a good course to improve pronunciation, and the teachers respond quickly in case of any problems. - Chirag, native Indian speaker, living in Saudi Arabia
This course is a fantastic way to improve pronunciation. It provides comprehensive material and most of them can be downloaded and saved for future self learning so we can still use it to continue the improvement. They also provide personal assistance by phone in a specific schedule. They breakdown the material based on first language which makes it very useful. - Felisitas, native Bahasa speaker
The course made me realise how important it is where to stress words, and helped me with pronouncing properly. - Ayako, native Japanese speaker, living in Queensland, Australia
I really recommend this outstanding studying system. - Raphael, native Japanese speaker, living in Japan
Through this course, I can think of what the important bits of English are. This course helped me a lot by providing good lectures and notes. - Meejeong, native Korean speaker
Star pronunciation helped me to improve my English pronunciation. I am more aware about how to pronounce words and sentences. - Sharon, native Mandarin speaker, living in Malaysia
I found this course useful and appropriate for my pronunciation improvement, it made me realise what kind of problems I had had and how to improve; after a few weeks I noticed my improvement. - Changjiang, native Mandarin speaker, living in Australia
I gained knowledge about pronunciation and mouth positions which are valuable for clarity. - Hongxia, native Mandarin speaker, University Student in Australia
Pronouncing English clearly will help others understand what you are talking and be more confident to speak out your thoughts in discussion. - Wang, native Mandarin speaker
Star Pronunciation helped me speaking confidently. - Ping, native Mandarin speaker, University Student
I have learned some new month and jaw and lips position that I never learned before. - Hongji, native Mandarin speaker
I did realize a lot of pronunciation mistakes and why some local people can’t understand me. Now I feel more confident speaking out loud in public. - Xin, native Mandarin speaker, University Student in Australia
If you want to be able to sound like a native speaker, choose this! - Min, native Mandarin speaker
The phone assistance is really helpful. Thank you for your help! - Yingqi, native Mandarin speaker, University Student
Since studying with this course, a lot of friends have told me that they can see improvement on my pronunciation every day! The course increased my confidence a lot when I talk to native speakers, because I know that my pronunciation is improving and I am able to speak clear, fluently and easy for them to understand. I have been making a lot more friends (natives and non-natives), which also gives me more opportunities to work on my pronunciation. - Yubo, native Mandarin speaker - University Student in Australia
I’m a pilot and clear communication is very important. The course was very helpful for me. I have improved my speech clarity, and opened my eyes on my weak areas. It gave me more confidence. - Will, native Russian speaker, living in Kunnanurra, Russia
The course helped me to improve my listening skills because I now understand how to pronounce words correctly. - Tatiana, native Russian speaker
Thanks a lot for your hints about pronunciation! This course made me aware of the mistakes in my language pronunciation and I started to work on them. - Miljarmandic, native Serbian speaker, living in Melbourne, Australia
I previously was told by friends from other countries and Australia that the English was hard to understand. This course has emphasized the need to stress on certain words and syllables to make the sentence more clear and understandable to the listener. As such, this course has been very helpful to me. - Arthur, native Singaporean, University Student in Australia
I highly recommend this course to everyone looking for improving their English communications skills. I am very happy, I have invested on this course, as I think a better and effective communication is the key that can open many doors in our life. - Paula, native Spanish speaker, living in Australia
The course gave me an excellent awareness of my pronunciation deficiencies, thereby opening ways for improvement. - Linh, native Vietnamese speaker, living in Australia
This course is so helpful to me. I would recommend this course to any non-native English speakers who want to improve their pronunciation. Thanks a lot for creating this course. - Dang, native Vietnamese speaker
I improved my speaking by correcting the important areas such as consonant sound, vowel sound, word stress and sentence stress. - Tuyenm, native Vietnamese speaker, University Student in Australia