Clearer English Pronunciation for Vietnamese Speakers

Step-by-step tailored training for Vietnamese speakers that gets results!

This training focuses on professional English.
Correct your rhythm and pronunciation of over 1000 important English words.
Learn from over 20 hours of video & audio training.

With this course you will:

  • speak clear English
  • sound more like a native speaker
  • pronounce English with confidence

This course is your step-by-step path to clear English.

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Before you read any further, we have changed names. We’re now Speech Active, and along with a new name – we’ve updated our new courses as well. Take a look at version number 2:

More on what you will improve with this course

The class has been an eye-opener, extremely useful, and a wonderful experience. The most important part is that the course provides tools to continue improving your pronunciation. - Li, native Vietnamese speaker, University Student

The Pronunciation Assessment helped me pinpoint areas of my pronunciation weaknesses that I never knew existed before, and the Pronunciation Course provided very thorough drills to fix them. I highly recommend the program. - Thang, native Vietnamese speaker, living in Perth

The course has helped me to enhance awareness of English sounds, word stress, intonation. From that, I know my weaknesses to focus on improvement. I believe my speaking and listening has improved thanks to Star Pronunciation. Last but not least, I would strongly recommend everyone who want to improve English communication skills to participate in Star Pronunciation. - Le, native Vietnamese speaker, University Student

Course Details:

With this 15 week course you will:

  • improve all the areas of English pronunciation that are difficult for Vietnamese speakers
  • take 1 video lesson each week. Written programmes included.
  • practice between lessons with the MP3 audio downloads for at least 15 mins a day
  • take any of the 20 bonus lessons for extra learning and improvement
  • have access to over 20 hours of training
  • ask your teacher questions at any time for support and feedback

Have your pronunciation assessed.
Send us a recording of your speech and receive detailed audio feedback and a written report on your pronunciation, recorded by a Star Pronunciation Speech Pathologist and accent expert. To purchase an assessment choose ‘Star Master’ in the course purchase options below. Online English Pronunciation Assessments.

Invest in your future

Choose one of the following 15 week courses for clear, correct and confident English Pronunciation.

We recommend a good ADSL or broadband  / cable internet connection to stream your video lessons.


Star Foundation


15 Weeks of Access to Pronunciation course for Vietnamese speakers

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Star Expert


15 Weeks of Access to Pronunciation course for Vietnamese speakers

+ phone / skype support

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Star Master


15 Weeks of Access to Pronunciation course for Vietnamese speakers

+ phone / skype support

+ Pronunciation Assessment

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Is this course as good as face-to-face training?
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What teaching method does the teacher use?

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