Improve today with an English Pronunciation Assessment

Find out exactly what you need to improve for clearer, more correct English.

It’s easy and you can do it from anywhere – all you need is a computer and internet.

You will send us a recording of your speech (reading and speaking naturally) and one of our expert Speech Pathologists will evaluate it. They will then record an audio file explaining to you in detail the areas that you need to improve and why. You will also receive a detailed written report describing your pronunciation.

Find out about your:

– Rate of speaking                 – Volume of speaking                – Mouth movements
– Vowel sounds                      – Consonant sounds                  – Word stress
– Sentence stress                   – Use of weak vowels                – Linking in English
– Listening skills                    – Use of the past tense              – Your self-awareness


Understand WHAT, WHY and HOW so you can speak better English.

How does it work?

Follow our easy instructions to send us a recording of your speech. This will be evaluated by Star Pronunciation accent experts & Speech Pathologists Georgie Taylor and Sarah Gaussen.

Listen and learn from your own personalised audio recording describing in detail the areas of your pronunciation that you need to improve to achieve clear and correct English pronunciation. Your assessment also includes an introduction to the important areas of pronunciation.

Read a full written report detailing the areas of your pronunciation that require improvement.

It’s a great first step. Start today!

Our Speech Pathologists have completed 1000’s of assessments. This experience is the foundation for our unique and in-depth audio & written assessment process.

English Pronunciation Assessment: $158

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English Pronunciation Assessment + 15 weeks access to your Speech Active course: $596

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Georgie is offering a unique and very professional service of teaching pronunciation and reducing accent. It finally explained to me, in precise terms, what makes me sound ‘russian’. Georgie assessed my speech and gave me targeted exercises for practicing correct sounds and stresses to speak more like a native. My Aussie friends understand me much better now, especially over the phone, and finally, I don’t sound too foreign in Melbourne. - Andrey, Russian Speaker living in Melbourne
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