Star Extensions (For Existing Students Only)

Sometimes it’s difficult to complete your study in the 15 weeks allocated. That’s why we have created Star Extensions, this means you will get the absolute most out of your course. Recognising you’re already a Star Pronunciation student we have substantially discounted your ongoing access.


To continue your access it's simply $19 per month for as long as you like. To end your access just email us at [email protected] and we'll finish your access at the end of the billing period.

To purchase your extension you have 2 options:


If you enrolled in your course with eWay , please complete the form below and we'll move you onto the monthly subscription and send a confirmation

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If you enrolled with us using Paypal you'll need to subscribe using the button below.


Each month is 30 days. To switch off your access in future just email us a request ([email protected]) If you have any questions please call us on 1300 859 338 or +61 3 8618 6868. And we love skype: Star.Pronunciation